Avanos’ PLUS range of products

Avanos provides seed of all major vegetable crops in Zimbabwe. A significant number of our products are proprietary products, i.e. varieties exclusively developed and distributed by Avanos for the Zimbabwean and wider African markets.

Avanos flagship varieties all carry the suffix PLUS to their variety name, indicating that they are exclusive to Avanos, and the majority of these products derive from our own breeding programs. Avanos PLUS products are designed with farmer and consumer requirements in mind, and they are the very best among their kind in Zimbabwe and the wider region.

Avanos Seeds is the FIRST and ONLY company in southern Africa to also put serious effort and expertise into developing improved varieties of African TRADITIONAL VEGETABLES.

We are, for example, proud initiators of a successful breeding program on African Kale – also named covo rugare (eastern Zimbabwe), choumollier (western Zimbabwe), cove galega (Portugal and Angola) or sukuma wiki (Eastern Africa).

We have developed a tsunga (mustard leaf) variety that has changed the crop from being a back-yard commodity to a serious income earner crop.

We have recently introduced an improved variety of mapudzi (bottle gourd), a crop which is much neglected by the formal markets but is essential in food security to many people in dry areas.

Our PLUS range of products includes:

  • Tomato Royale PLUS (Hybrid)
  • Tomato Rodade PLUS
  • Butternut Waltham PLUS
  • Covo Rugare Gold PLUS (Hybrid)
  • Tsunga Paida PLUS
  • Cabbage Indica PLUS (Hybrid)
  • Onion Kalunga PLUS
  • Onion Ilanga PLUS
  • Sweet Pepper Golden Dawn PLUS
  • Mapudzi Chiedza PLUS

Avanos’ non-PLUS range of products

Other than the PLUS range, our product portfolio includes crops such as:

  • Watermelon Crimson Sweet
  • Cabbage Sugarloaf
  • Pumpkin Kayla (Hybrid)
  • Cucumber Poinsett
  • Cucumber Mona Lisa (Hybrid)
  • Carrot Nantes
  • Carrot Kuroda
  • Rape English Giant
  • Sweet Pepper Ganga
  • Tomato Rio Grande
  • Tomato Tejas (Hybrid)
  • Onion Texas Grano
  • Spinach Fordhook Giant
  • Pea Green Feast

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